Bespoke mirrors, custom made to your requirements!

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Bespoke Bathroom Mirror

Manufactured to your needs!

Bespoke mirrors manufactured to your requirements utilise the light in any room; creating the feeling of a light open space. Furthermore, they look great in any room, from the bathroom and bedroom to the living room and kitchen. All manufactured on site at our Cambridge factory to ensure the best quality is produced.

W/C Mirror

Spoilt for choice

There is a variety of finishes available, for example; silver, bronze, grey, antique, etched and commercial. Furthermore, you can choose from two different types of edgework, standard or bevelled. All are manufactured to be custom made to your needs, large, small or an irregular shape, here at Clear Glass we’re able to meet all requirements.

Home Mirror
Antique Wall Mirror

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Additionally, demisting pads are available to help keep your mirrors free of steam or condensation. However, these will require an electricity supply nearby. If you have any queries, contact us for more information and a free estimate.

In short, our aim at Clear Glass is to manufacture bespoke mirrors to your exact requirements. As a result, you can order unique mirrors that meet your needs. If that’s commercial or for home improvement we can create unique mirrors for you. For example, below are images of some recent installations that showcase the variety we can offer you.

Two different kinds of edge-work available for frameless mirrors. Standard polished edge or a bevelled edge. Please see the image below for an example of the two.

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