What makes our glass splashbacks the perfect choice?

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As the demand for funky glass splashbacks is on the rise, at Clear Glass we aim to stay on top of the trend. Our experience in fitting has led to a variety of installations from standard kitchens, bathrooms and luxury flats right through to well-established local restaurants and businesses.

Unlike our competitors, we tailor each individual splashback to the exact dimensions required. The template service we offer means we are able to create bespoke splashbacks for our customers requirements, all our glass is shaped, polished, painted and installed to the highest standard.


Our splashbacks are made with 6mm toughened, low-iron glass; this is both durable and heat resistant, making it ideal for cooking areas and behind the hob. If required, a maximum length of 4.2 metres can be achieved in one long piece of glass. If accessibility is an issue, larger splashbacks can be split and joined on the advice of our fitters to retain an attractive end product. All edges can be polished, giving a nice sleek finish to any reveals, window sills or joins, any odd shapes and cut-outs can be accommodated for.


Matching the colour of splashbacks to the decor of your kitchen is a process unique to every job. Fortunately, we offer a wide range of colours to choose from with both RAL and British Standard ranges as well as metallic, sparkle and ‘galaxy’ options. Using low-iron glass allows the true colour of the paint to show through and the heat resistant paint stops any cracking from occurring near high-temperature areas.

Contemporary Design:

Why stop in the kitchen? With its versatility and limitless applications, the glass’ depth of colour and reflective lustre will transform any room. From hearths to table-tops and back-bars to bathrooms, the durability and low maintenance of glass gives a cost effective solution that will stand the test of time.


Colour Options:

We offer a wide range of colours, all of which are on display in our showroom. We can colour match against anything you like from kitchen cupboards to plant pots! We are very confident of being able to match any colour you require.

Take a look at the below British Standard and RAL ranges which we can colour match if you need further inspiration.

British Standard



Image Splashbacks:

With all our splashbacks, we don’t just offer colours, we also offer something a bit different. Have you ever thought about having an image  printed on your splashback? This is a unique product that we can now offer our customers. Ask the team for more information, we can provide details of what images we have to offer if you need inspiration

Initial Enquiry:

To enable us to give you the most accurate estimate possible, when you make your initial enquiry using the form below, can you follow these guidelines and provide us with as much information as possible. As our estimates are based on the information you provide please be aware that the estimate may change after site survey, and what is then agreed as the final details.

  • Send us rough sizes of the glass you want. All drawings, photos and plans as well.
  • Your choice of whether you’d like Supply only OR Survey, supply and fit service.
  • Address of the property the glass is for.
  • The number of cut holes required for light switches, sockets, cooker controls, shelving etc.

If you would like information on splashbacks or require a quote, please use the form below.