At Clear Glass we can offer UV bonding to meet all requirements.

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UV Glass Bonding

UV Bonding:

Here at ClearGlass we offer a specialist UV bonding service. Utilising the latest innovations we can supply glass to glass, and glass to metal UV bonding. UV bonding is a great way to join two panels of glass together seamlessly. UV bonding is an adhesive applied to the edge of the glass and cured using a UV light or a UV activator. It provides a clear, clean, and strong bond of the panels which is more durable than any other adhesive on the market.

Why use UV Bonding?

You may not know it, but you more than likely see multiple UV bonded glass products every day! UV bonding is used for a variety of reasons, both commercially and domestically. From a coffee table in your living room, to the display case in your local bakers. There will be an aspect of UV bonding incorporated in these products, or even solely UV bonded! UV bonding is also very useful to bond shelves to glass products such as mirrors, splashbacks, or shower enclosures. Some other examples of UV bonded products we can produce are:
• Serving displays
• Cabinets
• Mirrored furniture

If you are looking for picture clear glass for your UV bonded items, we can also bond low-iron glass. Eliminating the natural green tint that standard float glass emanates.

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