Glass balustrades and balconies made to your exact specifications.

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Professional Service

When choosing your balustrades or balconies, we will  advise you every step of the way, ensuring we help you choose a safe, secure and aesthetically pleasing system to suit you. The team at Clear Glass will manufacture and install all glass balustrades and balconies to your exact specifications.

Glass Balconies

All glass balconies are made from toughened glass or toughened laminated glass. Therefore, this ensures they are safe and strong enough to withstand the elements and environmental effects.

Glass Balustrades and Stairs

Make the most of your view with the expertly manufactured range of glass balustrade systems. They are suitable for both interior and exterior, domestic and commercial buildings. Glass balustrades and balconies are an excellent way of adding elegance to any home or business.

Modern Styles

Glass is a great material for maximising the look of space by giving a modern look to the environment. For example, it retains the view without compromising security or safety of the staircase, deck or balcony.

Benefits of our Glass Balconies and Balustrades

  • Low maintenance
  • Lasting durability
  • Safe and secure against the elements and most environmental effects
  • Clear views
  • Stress free installation
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior
  • Can be used in both commercial and domestic buildings

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