Clear Glass offer etched mirrors, bespoke mirrors, large mirrors, commercial mirrors, bathroom mirrors, mirrors cut to size all from our Cambridge factory.

A bevelled mirror works in many rooms. Custom bevelled mirrors add a touch of elegance above a sideboard, in a dining room, over a fireplace or in a formal living room or library. With or without frames, they easily blend with the decor of the room in which they’re placed without dominating it.

Frameless bevelled mirrors are a wonderful choice in an entryway, dining room or bathroom because bevelled mirrors don’t need an extra frame…the bevelled edges give the mirror a frame-like look without weighing it down with a heavy wood or metal frame. This results in an impressive mirror that blends easily with any decor.

Another popular design option is to apply bevelling to bathroom mirrors. Bevelling a bathroom mirror turns a normally bland bathroom necessity into a classy design statement. Bevelled foyer mirrors and fireplace mirrors are becoming increasingly popular home design options for homeowners interested in updating their home decor, due in part to their superior ability to make a room appear lighter and feel larger.

Mirrored Niche & Bath Panel

Here are a couple of Examples of Mirror Edge finishes.

This bevelled edge example is showing a 10 mm Bevelled edge.

These can come in different sizes.